High-Performance Air Cooler

High-Performance Air Cooler by Rizco Cooler: Technical Specifications and Efficient Cooling

Are you in need of a high-performance air cooler that can effectively cool your space during hot summer days? Look no further than Rizco Cooler's exceptional offering. Manufactured in Delhi, our air cooler combines advanced technology, superior craftsmanship, and efficient cooling capabilities to create a comfortable environment in your home or office.

Let's delve into the technical specifications of our high-performance air cooler, so you can understand why it's the perfect choice for your cooling needs:

Mode of operation: Manual Our air cooler operates in a manual mode, allowing you to have complete control over the cooling settings. Adjust the fan speed and cooling intensity based on your preference, ensuring optimal comfort in any situation.

Blower/Fan type: Fan Equipped with a powerful fan, our air cooler ensures efficient air circulation and rapid cooling. Experience the refreshing breeze as it reaches every corner of your space, providing relief from the heat.

Air throw distance: 60 ft With an impressive air throw distance of 60 ft, our air cooler can effectively cool even larger areas. Experience a wide coverage of cool air, creating a comfortable environment for you and those around you.

Tank capacity (up to brim): 100 liters The generous tank capacity of our air cooler, up to 100 liters, ensures a continuous cooling experience without the need for frequent refilling. Enjoy long hours of uninterrupted coolness, even during scorching summer days.

Honeycomb pads: Yes Our air cooler features honeycomb pads that enhance the cooling efficiency. These pads are designed to maximize water evaporation, resulting in cooler and fresher air being circulated throughout your space. Say goodbye to stuffy rooms and welcome a refreshing atmosphere.

Wattage (W): 200 With an energy-efficient wattage of just 200 watts, our air cooler provides optimal cooling performance while consuming minimal electricity. Enjoy the benefits of a cool and comfortable environment without worrying about inflated energy bills.

Product Dimensions (LxWxH): 26.5x16.5x50 inches Measuring at 26.5x16.5x50 inches, our air cooler is designed to fit seamlessly into your living or working space. Its compact size allows for easy placement, while still delivering powerful cooling performance.

Choose Rizco Cooler for an air cooler that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. With our technical specifications, efficient cooling capabilities, and attention to detail, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Experience the difference with Rizco Cooler's high-performance air cooler manufactured in Delhi. Beat the heat, enjoy superior cooling, and create a comfortable atmosphere in your space. Contact us today to explore our range of cooling solutions and transform your summers into refreshing experiences. Stay cool with Rizco Cooler!

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